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Elysia Chan


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Her Story

Empathy, growth, and impact are Elysia’s guiding principles, shaping both her professional and personal pursuits. Elysia's social impact journey began in Thailand, where she volunteered with marginalized hilltribe communities for several years. This experience ignited her passion for social impact and empowering communities to overcome poverty. 

Transitioning from volunteerism to professional engagement, Elysia specialized in youth development through supporting at-risk youths at TOUCH Community Services. Her dedication to empowering the social sector led her to join Empact, a leading social enterprise, as a consultant. In this role, she bridged capacity gaps within social organizations through mobilizing corporate volunteers, designing accelerator programs to scale impact ventures sustainably and co-developing national-level frameworks to enhance the effectiveness of volunteer management practices in social service agencies. 

Beyond work, she finds joy in discovering hidden gems, contributing to her ever-growing bucket list of places to explore, and enriching her understanding of diverse cultures. 


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